The trek to the Mount Craig summit at Mount Mitchell State Park seems a little treacherous, but those views are worth it! 📷: @wesr101 5 days ago
Gorgeous sunny skies from Fort Macon in Carteret County! 📷: @angela_grace73 1 week ago
North Carolina's home to some rare plants, including this gorgeous purple fringeless orchid. 📷: @ncfotografer_kt 1 week ago
North Carolina's Black River is home to the bald cypress, the fifth oldest tree species in the world. Several trees stand at over 2,000 years old! 📷: Charlie Peek 1 week ago
Oh deer! Where did the weekend go? 📷: @keefr_hikes 1 week ago
Happy Fourth of July! We think these sundews are nature's own little fireworks. 📷: Christian Ziegler 2 weeks ago
Turk's cap lily is hard to miss for its bright blooms. Be on the lookout if you're headed to the mountains this summer! 📷: Kathy Mansfield 2 weeks ago
The Nature Conservancy has protected over 132,000 acres in the mountains, including places like this. Grassy balds are unusual community types found between 5,200 and 5,800 feet on dome-shaped summits and ridges, which create ideal habitat for plants and animals that thrive with cool temperatures and lots of sunlight. 📷: Margaret Fields/TNC 2 weeks ago
Monday? Again? 📷: @neiljernigan #naturenc 2 weeks ago
The Blue Ridge Parkway makes for a scenic summer drive. 📷: @zach.wanders #naturenc 3 weeks ago
Skip the trip out west and head to Jockey's Ridge in Dare County for some desert vibes. 📷: @findingmandee #naturenc 3 weeks ago
Views from Grandfather Mountain. 📷: @moore.ns #naturenc 3 weeks ago
Beautiful skies from Emerald Isle. 📷: @sammie.hershey #naturenc 3 weeks ago
We hope you'll find a moment today to explore what's in your backyard. 📷: @bgerringer_photography_art #naturenc 3 weeks ago
On World Oceans Day, we hope you'll stop for a minute to appreciate oceans for their life-giving forces and their beauty! 📷: @badpuppyblues #naturenc 1 month ago
On National Trails Day, lace up your shoes, get outside, and enjoy our wonderful world! This trail through TNC's Green Swamp Preserve is the perfect place to start. 📷: Skip Pudney #naturenc 1 month ago
Brilliant sun rays over the Blue Ridge Mountains 📷: @leslie_restivo #naturenc 1 month ago
Whether you like to hike, bike, roadtrip, or paddle, North Carolina has something for everyone. 📷: @wardbthompson #naturenc 1 month ago