I wish I was out exploring the Blue Ridge parkway today! Finally got some nice weather after the floods and, of course, I’m working. On another note: huge congrats to these two lovebirds on being parents now! There are seriously so many babies in my life right now and I gotta say I’m loving it! 3 hours ago
Today is very special to me, because it’s Bailey’s birthday! We’ve had 11 years of costumes (she’s the weirdest dog and loves dressing up). 11 years of cuddles (only when she feels like it). 11 years of napping and 11 years of her sassy personality. She’s a total weirdo but seriously the perfect dog for me. #birthdaydog 2 days ago
Staring at this beautiful day out of my work window. All I want to do is go explore with my camera, but I’m working the next two days. And guess what the forecast is Friday.... yup rain. So Much Rain. But thinking about going on a rainy day adventure anyways. Who would be down for some rain pics??? . . . #hawksbillmountain #mountainsunset #mountainsummit #engagementphotos #ashevillewedding #ashevilleelopement #ashevillehiking #ashevilleweddingphotographer #themountainmermaid 5 days ago
Wishing I had someone to pick me up and carry me though this Monday. I am DRAGGING. I have a lot to do today but I keep telling myself that if I get my to do list done I can watch Game of Thrones tonight! Did you watch it last night? Is it amazing?! I’m so excited! . . . . . . . #adventureasheville #adventurephotgrapher #romanticasheville #blueridgemoments #wednc #adventurouslovers #greenhouse #wildlifewildsouls #radlovestories #wncphotographer #ashevillephotographer #ashevilleadventures #ashevilleweddingphotographer 1 week ago
I do much better creatively when I take breaks from social media, but it’s hard for me to unplug most of the time. I’ve figured out that the best way for me to completely detach is to go somewhere that I can’t use my phone. So this weekend I’m piling into a minivan with my best friends and going camping. The weather says it’s going to rain but that’s not stopping us. Ready for s’mores!!! Model: my muse Kristen 💕 1 week ago
My favorite human comes home tomorrow! He’s been gone for over a month now 😫 we literally went from spending every minute together for 3 weeks to being in separate states for the past 4 weeks. So it goes without saying I’m super excited!! 1 week ago
These two lovebirds had their baby! I was so excited when I got the news/my first set of photos!!! It’s crazy to think about how you can love someone without even meeting them and honestly I probably wont get to meet her until August, but dang I am already obsessed with their little girl 💕 2 weeks ago
It’s no secret that to get genuine laughter and reactions, photographers typically use prompts. I’ll say something completely ridiculous or give my couples an impossible task that will usually end in a great photo. Well not with Wes. I would give Wes a prompt and instead of doing what I said he would do something completely different and Lauren and I would look at eachother and laugh. This happened a couple of times before I realized Wes wasn’t a prompt kind of guy. Honestly the best reactions I got out of him were after I said “okay now love on Lauren”. This was one of those love on Lauren moments that just makes me melt. No prompt or silly task. Just all natural, organic, free range lovin’ on his girl 😻 2 weeks ago
Watching your best friend get married.... 😍 There is seriously nothing like it! The day is filled with so much emotion. And I don’t know about you, but every time I’m a bridesmaid I end up crying. I’m so lucky to get to witness the bonds between a bride and her favorite girls so often. It’s truly one of my favorite things about weddings. . . . . #bridesmaids #bridegang #ashevilleweddingphotographer #bridetribe #bridesquad #bestfriendswedding #ashevillewedding 2 weeks ago
Happy April first! I don’t know about you, but I am so gullible that it’s safer for me to just stay off the internet today... I’ve already fallen for like 4 tricks and it’s not even 5! 3 weeks ago
So I know we are still only in March but I am already looking forward to August! Not only are these cuties getting married in NY, but that same week is the New York State fair!! Now I don’t know about you, but I love fairs and this one is the Beyoncé of all fairs! So many games and crazy foods and even a freak show! Now a little insider tip from my cousin @chelsea_tucci - “as soon as you get in the gates, get as many wine slushies as you can hold”. I laughed when she told me, but honestly she was so right! They are the most delicious cold drink on a hot August day and I seriously dream about them all year long!! 3 weeks ago
Sneak peak from last weekends shoot!! These cuties came up from Panama City Beach to celebrate Lauren’s birthday! We hiked to the top of a mountain shared a bottle of rosé and went to find some waterfalls. It was the perfect day that ended with me eating way too much eggplant parm for dinner. 3 weeks ago
Patiently waiting for all my friends/family/clients to have babies! This little babe featured here is supposed to make her appearance any day now and I am freaking out! So if you see me out obsessively checking my phone, it’s because I’m waiting for baby pics!! 🤪 3 weeks ago
Everyone is always sharing their good qualities and quirks but never the bad, So I’m here to shake things up..... I’m messy. I’m clumsy. I’m super loud especially when I’m excited. I probably eat too much chocolate and I have this habit of shortening words and basically talking in my own language. It’s a problem 😂 so tell me your less desirable traits, seriously I totes want to know. . . Shout out to 📷 @ashleyschulzephotography for making me look cool 4 weeks ago
✌🏼 Until next year Winter ✌🏼 . . I’m so excited for spring and warmth, but I am so grateful for this past winter. Call me Lorelai Gilmore, but snow will always have my heart. 1 month ago
A couple of years ago I came across some tips to really soak in your wedding day, because we all know how quickly it can fly by, and one suggestion has stuck with me. ▪️Set aside a few minutes alone with your husband/wife right after the ceremony▪️ go somewhere quiet, just the two of you, to reflect on the fact that YOU DID IT y’all just got married! At my wedding we went down a little trail and just walked and talked for a few minutes while everyone else was moving locations or visiting with each other. It was mainly me saying “omg I can’t believe I didn’t trip” and us giggling uncontrollably, but it is an intimate moment that I will never forget. 1 month ago
There are a lot of things that make me truly happy, but when the light is just right and the couple in front of my lens is completely in love, well that is on the top of my list. . . . . . . . . #destinationphotographer #adventurebrides #adventureasheville #adventurephotgrapher #romanticasheville #blueridgemoments #wednc #adventurouslovers #elopementphotography #wildlifewildsouls #radlovestories #wncphotographer #ashevillephotographer #ashevilleadventures #ashevilleweddingphotographer #loveandwildhearts #ashevillewedding #adventurousstorytellers #wedventuremag #wildhairandhappyhearts #authenticlovemag #elopementlove #adventurouslovestories #epicloveepiclife #thenomadlovers 1 month ago
Okay so I had never heard of a saber arch until this wedding. It is a tradition in which sabers or swords are used to salute a newly married couple. The bride and groom pass under an honorary arch after they exchange vows, and omg let me tell you it’s amazing (gave me all the feels). So naturally I wanted them to do it again but have some fun with it and run! 1 month ago