a migration of plants back to the building site / design work by @aaron_vokesandpeters @_erobinson / #highgateparkhouse #vokesandpeters 19 hours ago
Justin Hill of Kerry Hill Architects (Singapore) takes us on a wonderful journey of elegant buildings and gardens by KHA for the Garden Variety talk series, 2019 Asia Pacific Architecture Forum / @aparchforum @statelibraryqld @austapestry / #kerryhillarchitects #aparchforum #vokesandpeters 1 day ago
soft interior light for morning tea at Teneriffe House with @katelinbutler @tessellate_a_d @ros_fraser Thanks for having us @petercrowther @katepearso / #teneriffehouse #vokesandpeters 2 days ago
the critical role of architecture is to connect people with place; to make mindful observations of settings and to mediate between humans and nature / careful and complex work at New Farm Cottage by @aaron_vokesandpeters @_erobinson with @georgia_cannon photographs by @christopherfrederickjones / #newfarmcottage #vokesandpeters 3 days ago
Antonia Syme director of @austapestry opens the Tapestry + Architecture Exhibition at @mastfurniture The exhibition includes work of the finalists of the 2018 Architects’ Design Competition and the phenomenal tapestry designed by Justin Hill (2016 competition winner) hangs in the shopfront. / #aparchforum @statelibraryqld @architectureau @milanigallery @aparchforum 3 days ago
James Grose, principal of BVN (Sydney) @jamescgrose shares his personal journey with emotion and feeling in his pursuit of a mindful existence in nature. His architectural projects find expression of this theme in mass, silence, coolth, prospect, dissolve and deference / #aparchforum @statelibraryqld @designspeaks_au @aparchforum 4 days ago
Yarinda Bunnag @yarinda , co-founder of Imaginary Objects (Thailand) kicks-off The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane at APAF 2019 @aparchforum . The work of @imaginaryobjects_ multi-dis practice explores identity, subtraction, depth and local craft in a city defined by disarray and rich and contradictory experiences. / Full-house at @statelibraryqld / #aparchforum @designspeaks_au 5 days ago
this is a portrait of Justin Hill (Kerry Hill Architects, Singapore) with the nearly completed ‘22 Temenggong Road, Twilight’ tapestry designed by Justin and hand woven by Karlie Hawking, Sue Batten, Chris Cochius, Pamela Joyce, Leith Maguire, Sophie Morris and Cheryl Thornton for the Australian Tapestry Workshop / I had a sneak preview of this now completed and phenomenal work being installed at the showroom of @mastfurniture today. The tapestry can be experienced until 30 March - it’s a must see! 270 Montague Road, West End Visit www.aparchitectureforum.com.au for more details of this event. / @austapestry #aparchforum @aparchforum 5 days ago
scoping the site for an exciting new house in North Queensland / #shuteharbourhouse #whitsundaycoast #vokesandpeters 1 week ago
Home: A Suburban Obsession This incredible exhibition currently at the @statelibraryqld is a formal event of @aparchforum 2019 / In the 1960s and 1970s, Frank and Eunice Corley drove the suburban streets of Queensland towns in their pink Cadillac, taking photographs of houses and selling them to homeowners. 61,000 photographs were donated to the State Library in 1995. / Entire walls of the exhibition are covered in an enormous matrix of black and white photographs; row after row of houses on stumps, verandahs, low chainwire fences, treeless gardens and interwar-styled gables tell a story of a particular urbanism, a legible cultural artefact even. I am reminded (and shocked) at how aesthetically cohesive and intact a town like Brisbane was up until the sixties. These images of houses in my own street are sourced from the Corley Explorer online collection https://explorer.corley.slq.gov.au / #aparchforum #slqhome #corleycollection #hollandparksleepout 1 week ago
the 2019 Asia Pacific Architecture Forum officially opens next week. The program has been expanded this year to welcome new event partners such as the Australian Tapestry Workshop @austapestry and Maud Street Photo Gallery @maudgallery In my role as 2019 forum ambassador I’ll be reporting on the program as it unfolds over the next two weeks. Here are some of the events on my itinerary: - The Architecture Symposium hosted by @statelibraryqld 15 Mar - Home: a Suburban Obsession exhibition hosted by @statelibraryqld 07 Dec-14 Jul - Micro Histories exhibition hosted by @museumofbrisbane 07 Feb-28 Apr - Tapestry + Architecture Exhibition hosted by @mastfurniture 16 Mar-30 Mar - Garden Variety: Justin Hill, talk series hosted by Vokes and Peters @aaron_vokesandpeters 18 Mar / Follow @aparchforum for more updates throughout the program or search for events at www.aparchitectureforum.com / #aparchforum #vokesandpeters 1 week ago
an elevated window seat sets up a dialogue with the garden-level sitting room at New Farm Cottage / Raumplan moves by @aaron_vokesandpeters @_erobinson Photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #newfarmcottage #vokesandpeters 1 week ago
Sunday site visit to stormy Suffolk Park, NSW for our latest collab with @blokmod / #blokmodular #vokesandpeters 2 weeks ago
occupying the threshold between rooms in the garden at Teneriffe House / photograph by @christopherfrederickjones / #vokesandpeters 2 weeks ago
so great to re-visit this coastal garden which is being constructed and planted by our clients - bravo! Thanks for having us @zumali80 @maximilian_thrust and thanks for making the trip @michellebailey_ / fine crafting of new house and garden walls by @sjreynoldsconstructions / #casuarinamachiya #vokesandpeters 3 weeks ago
Double Courtyard House is for sale. First open today 9.00-9.30am. Contact @tonyodoherty_bellebulimba directly for more details / photograph by @christopherfrederickjones / #vokesandpeters 3 weeks ago
Friday morning site visit to the glorious Newrybar, NSW / #vokesandpeters 3 weeks ago
quiet afternoon light at Double Courtyard House (2013) / photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #vokesandpeters 3 weeks ago