“New York is an embattled site for Puerto Ricans: at once a homeland in translation, a hotbed of racism and a strategic point from which to build popular power and organize for sovereignty. The Brigada hopes to enter the fray through this third door. They opened the museum at Storefront with the institutional gesture of a ribbon cutting, performing here what cannot yet be accomplished there.” - Carina del Valle Schorske ( @psycheandstupid ) for @frieze_magaine. . Storefront’s latest exhibition, “Aquí vive gente,” presents the Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra (MHC PDT). Previously housed only in the minds and living rooms of community members in San Juan, the museum puts forth the vision that the lived experiences of the people of Puerta de Tierra matter, and that they can uniquely tell the rich and complex histories of a community undergoing intense urban pressures. Currently without a long-term venue for the museum, Brigada Puerta de Tierra—the organizing force behind the new institution—aims to permanently locate the MHC PDT at the Edificio Infanzón, a historic building in Puerta de Tierra that has been abandoned for decades. This nascent museum is presented publicly for the first time ever at Storefront’s gallery space. . Come by to see #Aquívivegente , open now through September 7th on Tuesdays–Saturdays from 11–6 pm. . Read the full Frieze review via link in bio. For more information, visit www.storefrontnews.org. . @brigadapdt #aquívivegente . Photography by Hatnim Lee ( @hatnimlee ) and David “Dee” Delgado ( @dee_bx ). 1 day ago
Today, on the occasion of Pride Day and the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, Storefront looks back in our archive to “Queer Space,” an exhibition that opened 25 years ago at our gallery space. . The show, created in collaboration with a group of scholars and writers, explored the relationships between architecture, spatial practice, and sexual-social identities. . Propelled by the urgent necessity to rethink the politics of space, “Queer Space” sought to uncover various definitions of the terms “queer” and “space” and the conceptual bonds that unite them. The exhibition was centered around a set of crucial interrogatives that defined the spatial politics of the early ’90s: How can minorities define their rights to occupy spaces within the city? How can such space be legitimized, given a history and a future? Is it even physical space that is in question, or is it the space of discursive practices, texts, codes of behavior and the regulatory norms that organize social life? The installations, interventions, and proposals at Storefront and at other locations around the city were an attempt to generate new ways of thinking about the social politics of space in the city. 2 weeks ago
This Saturday, June 29th from 3–5 pm, Storefront for Art and Architecture partners with @EdicionesMP to host the book launch of “Juan Downey: 1940–1993.” . The relationship of culture to territory and political power is loaded with complexity and layered with history. Through an expanded understanding of what constitutes art and architecture, Chilean artist Juan Downey weaved together an insightful vision of the relationship between people and site that remains prescient today. Downey developed an interdisciplinary and intermedial practice grounded in the social and the political that simultaneously addressed environmental and anthropological concerns, examining society’s cultural shifts through video and interactive art, architecture, and cybernetics. . With the participation of book editors Javier Rivero Ramos ( @javriveroramos ) and Julieta González ( @julietaelena15 ), the event reflects the structure of the publication, chronologically positioning Juan Downey’s legacy against a historical background that frames his practice within a wider artistic and political context. . Copies of "Juan Downey, 1940–1993" will be available for purchase during the event. Prior to the event, “Aquí vive gente”—Storefront’s first exhibition as part of Building Cycles—will be on view to the public. Both “Aquí vive gente” and the book launch of “Juan Downey, 1940-1993” contribute to Storefront’s investigations into building community, understanding place, and presenting work that challenges contemporary views of our built environments. . For more information and to RSVP, visit our website at storefrontnews.org. . #juandowney . Graphic design by @estudioherrera. 3 weeks ago
Yesterday, “Aquí vive gente” left the gallery for the streets. Members of Brigada Puerta de Tierra joined the efforts of the 62nd National Puerto Rican Day Parade ( @prparadenyc ) to “celebrate the creativity and diversity of thought in Puerto Rico and across our patria extendida (diaspora).” For the parade, @brigadapdt marched up 5th Avenue from 43rd to 79th Street with the murals and posters currently on view at Storefront's gallery space as part of "Aquí vive gente." . The murals, created in collaboration with Puerto Rican painter Margarita Ramos, depict life in Puerta de Tierra. They also reflect @brigadapdt ’s practice of making murals to monumentalize neighborhood life. The posters, meanwhile, present the community’s efforts to reclaim and revitalize the Edificio Infanzón, an abandoned building that BPDT is advocating for as the permanent home of the Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra. . All exhibition materials are back on view again starting tomorrow until September 7th at our gallery space, open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm. . Stop by to see the exhibition and to sign a petition to support BPDT's efforts. For more information about “Aquí vive gente,” visit www.storefrontnews.org or the link in our bio. . #aquivivegente 1 month ago
”Extensión familiar,” an edition of 50 ceramic artworks made by Javier Bosques in collaboration with his mother, Elba Meléndez, is now on sale at Storefront’s gallery space throughout the run of #aquívivegente. . Each edition is a unique house handmade by Meléndez, and pays homage to single family housing with unfinished construction, a common sight in the Puerto Rican landscape. Typically built upon using remittances and created over time due to constrained resources, the cinder blocks stacked over the roof of each house signal aspirations to expand and grow. “Extensión familiar” is the artists’ response to the emotional memory of their home country’s built environment, and incorporates various elements from houses of their memory, including Meléndez’s childhood home. . Each house in the edition is signed by the artists and packaged in a custom carrying case with a certificate of authenticity, all designed by the talented team at @estudioherrera. . The works are available for purchase in our gallery space or online. For more info or to inquire about the edition, DM us, visit www.storefrontnews.org/editions, or email editions @storefrontnews.org. All proceeds benefit Storefront’s ongoing programming, including our current exhibition, “Aquí vive gente” by Brigada Puerta de Tierra. . @javobosques #extensiónfamiliar #aquívivegente 1 month ago
"Aquí vive gente: Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra" by @brigadapdt is *officially* open at Storefront's gallery space! . After a ribbon cutting ceremony during Saturday's opening, Storefront and @brigadapdt are pleased to invite you to visit the first exhibition of the Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra (MHC PDT). Over the last few months, Storefront has provided institutional support intended to help fulfill the museum’s mission (developed through self-led workshops) “to affirm, care for, and carry with pride and dignity the cultural legacy of the neighborhood through community participation, and to preserve the cultural heritage and collective memory of Puerta de Tierra." On view in the gallery space are a collection of artifacts, photos, and interviews with community members that together convey the vitality of the neighborhood's identity. . Come to the gallery space Tuesdays–Saturdays, 11 am–6 pm to see the show. To learn more and see additional photos from the opening, visit link in bio. . All photos by @hatnimlee 🙌🏽 #aquivivegente 1 month ago
TOMORROW at Storefront’s gallery space: join us from 2–6 pm for the opening of “Aquí vive gente: Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra,” the first exhibition of the Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra (MHC PDT). . Previously housed only in the minds and living rooms of community members, this nascent museum is presented publicly for the first time ever at Storefront's gallery space. The museum emerged after years of work by Brigada Puerta de Tierra (BPDT), which was formed in 2015 as a response to a major redevelopment project that lacked citizen involvement. Uniting under the slogan “aquí vive gente” (people live here), BPDT continues to organize horizontally and collectively, operating through four key concepts: self-management, awareness, strategic planning, and collective decision-making. . Visit www.storefrontnews.org to learn more. . #aquívivegente @brigadapdt 1 month ago
Thank you to all who came out in the rain last night to experience the culture and community of New York City and beyond. This year, Storefront’s Spring Benefit launched our new program under Director José Esparza Chong Cuy. To celebrate, we honored #DianaAgrest , @jorgepardostudio , and @brigadapdt , and presented limited edition artwork by @javobosques in collaboration with his mother, @elba_i_m. . We were energized by the presence of supporters and special guests from Harlem, NYC, Puerto Rico, and more, and had a blast dancing to tunes from @brujo_selector , @redoblesdeculturanyc , and @oscarnn. Particular thanks to #LaMarqueta for hosting us and to our talented presenting event partners, @worldstage_inc and @pentagramdesign , for making the atmosphere a memorable one. . To continue the celebration, join us for the opening of Aquí vive gente by @brigadapdt at our gallery space this Saturday afternoon! More info at link in bio. . Photos (with more to come) by @hatnimlee. #sfspringbenefit 1 month ago
Storefront announces "Aquí vive gente: Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra" by @brigadapdt , opening this Saturday, June 1st, from 2–6 pm. . Throughout the neighborhood of Puerta de Tierra in San Juan, Puerto Rico, murals with the refrain "aquí vive gente" brighten the walls and convey to passersby the self-determination of a community that is taking agency over the future development of its neighborhood. Storefront for Art and Architecture is honored to open its doors to the Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra (MHC PDT), an organization that has emerged after years of work by Brigada Puerta de Tierra (BPDT), a multigenerational group of artists and activists. With the goal of reclaiming the neighborhood, BPDT's members have cleaned, maintained, and transformed abandoned sites in Puerta de Tierra through creative initiatives such as mural-making, gardening, and other outdoor programs that bring neighbors together. . Over the last few months, Storefront has provided institutional support intended to help fulfill MHC PDT's mission (developed through self-led workshops) “to affirm, care for, and carry with pride and dignity the cultural legacy of the neighborhood through community participation, and to preserve the cultural heritage and collective memory of Puerta de Tierra.” Eventually, Brigada Puerta de Tierra aims to present the museum at its permanent home at the Edificio Infanzón, an abandoned building currently being rehabilitated and legally accessed by BPDT. . For more information, visit www.storefrontnews.org. BPDT will also be one of the honorees of our 2019 Spring Benefit, tomorrow night at La Marqueta. General admission and after party tickets are still available - visit www.storefrontbenefit.org for more info. . #aquivivegente #storefrontbenefit 1 month ago
Storefront for Art and Architecture is kicking off our upcoming year of programming with a Benefit block party. Join us at La Marqueta’s Lot 1 next Wednesday, May 29th to celebrate culture and community in New York City and beyond. General admission and after party tickets are now available. . The event honors the visionary work of @brigadapdt , #DianaAgrest , and @jorgepardosculpture , all of whom have used their practices to push and expand the boundaries of art and architecture. . We'll have food stations by six vendors of La Marqueta: @amusebouchenycny , @elmasinharlem , @ladylexissweets , @sprinklesplash , @tasteoftaylorcateringllc , and @itsteranga_ , along with specialty cocktails from some incredible partners and music by @oscarnn of @papijuicebk. . We hope you'll be there to support Storefront's cycles of change. For general admission tickets and more information, visit www.storefrontbenefit.org or the link in our bio. . Graphic design by @pentagramdesign. 1 month ago
General admission tickets for Storefront's 2019 Spring Benefit, happening Wednesday, May 29th at Lot 1 of La Marqueta, are now available! Join us in celebrating the launch of our new year of programming that will begin in June 2019. . For tickets, visit link in bio. For general information, visit www.storefrontbenefit.org, or contact us at benefit @storefrontnews.org or 212.431.5795. . Graphic design by @pentagramdesign. 2 months ago
Tomorrow, Storefront is participating in the #DowntownCultureWalk , organized by SoHo Arts Network. Drop by the gallery space to check out our current exhibition, "State of Tyranny," which unveils the methods and tools of urban design that seek to disable public agency in the name of public safety. Then head over to see other downtown institutions—including @italianmodernart , @centerforarch , @nyugrey , and more—for free or reduced admission. . The Downtown Culture Walk is a self-guided walking tour presented by the SoHo Arts Network (SAN) that highlights nonprofit art spaces in SoHo and downtown New York City. SAN celebrates the rich history of our creative community and collectively shares its distinct cultural contributions with neighborhood residents and visitors. Members of SAN will open their doors for participants to discover the nonprofit art spaces in the neighborhood. . Pick up maps from our gallery space at 97 Kenmare St., open tomorrow (Saturday, 4/27) from 11 am–6 pm. . Graphic design by @biel.studio. 2 months ago
Storefront's Spring Benefit celebrates honorees whose work is closely aligned with our founding mission and goals: . Brigada Puerto de Tierra ( @brigadapdt ) is a collective of artists and citizens of all ages from San Juan, Puerto Rico, working to reclaim and reinvigorate their neighborhood . Diana Agrest is an architect who has consistently created new ways of framing our relationships with the built and natural environments . Jorge Pardo ( @jorgepardosculpture ) is an artist whose work has blurred the boundaries of art, architecture, and design. . Join us on May 29th at La Marqueta to celebrate. Learn more about the Benefit and join the Benefit Committee at www.storefrontbenefit.org . Graphic design by @pentagramdesign. 2 months ago
In November 1988, Storefront presented Project DMZ, an exhibition that imagined how the Korean DMZ might be occupied for non-military and anti-political uses. Today, 30 years later, the political divide between the two Koreas still exists. . Join us next Saturday, April 20th, for “Project DMZ, 30 Years After.” The event, the first of Storefront’s open archive programs, brings together contemporary voices that address the DMZ in their own work, and places them in conversation with works from the original exhibition in 1988. . Together, participants will question the urgency and agency of art and architecture to build new visions that engage socio-political predicaments such as the political division of the Korean Peninsula. . The event also launches the publication “Imagining Eurasia: Visualizing a Continental History” by Storefront’s founding director, Kyong Park, who will sign books after the program. . RSVP on our website at www.storefrontnews.org. . #projectdmz #storefrontopenarchive #stateoftyranny . Image: Newsprint from Storefront for Art and Architecture’s 1988 exhibition, “Project DMZ.” 3 months ago
Thanks to our members who came along on the inaugural tour of the Tyranny Trail led by Theo Deutinger! . Guided public tours of the Tyranny Trail will depart from Storefront’s gallery space on Fridays and Saturdays throughout April. For the full tour schedule and to sign up, RSVP via link in bio or visit our website at www.storefrontnews.org. . Presented as part of our current exhibition, "State of Tyranny,” the Tyranny Trail follows a route through the streets of Lower Manhattan, beginning at Storefront’s gallery space and ending at the 9/11 Memorial. . Guided by local artists and researchers Ingrid Burrington ( @lifewinning ), John Michael Kilbane ( @monsieurjkb ), and Rebecca Manski, the tours highlight methods of control such as roadblocks, wedge barriers, and other anti-terror measures. The tours also bring to light smaller-scale “quality of life” interventions that are more inconspicuous in our urban context, such as anti-skateboarding devices, anti-homeless bench design, and anti-graffiti paint. . For those who cannot attend scheduled tours times, detailed maps of the Tyranny Trail with information about each stop are available at Storefront’s gallery space for visitors to explore the route on their own. . #stateoftyranny #tyrannytrail 3 months ago
Today from 2–4 pm, members of Storefront are invited to a special inuagural tour of the "Tyranny Trail" led by architect and designer Theo Deutinger as part of our just opened exhibition, “State of Tyranny.” The tour, which begins at Storefront's gallery space and ends at the 9/11 Memorial, highlights local manifestations of the tools of tyranny that are presented in the exhibition. . If you'd like to join as a member of the press or existing member of Storefront, RSVP via link in bio. To join our membership program and attend the tour, visit storefrontnews.org/get-involved/membership or email membership @storefrontnews.org. . Additional scheduled tours with artists and researchers will be announced at a later date. In the meantime, feel free to stop by the gallery space to pick up a more detailed map for self-guided tours! . #stateoftyranny #tyrannytrail . Graphic design by @studiolin 3 months ago
Thanks to everyone who came to Thursday night's opening of "State of Tyranny” by Theo Deutinger. The exhibition is now open to the public until May 4th. Learn more at www.storefrontnews.org. . #stateoftyranny #tyrannytrail 3 months ago
Hot off the presses (and opening today)! Join us to learn more about the spatial manifestations of tyranny that are ever prevalent worldwide and around your corner. . Press and members preview at 6 pm, public opening at 7 pm. See www.storefrontnews.org for more info. . “State of Tyranny” by Theo Deutinger. Graphic design by @studiolin. #stateoftyranny 3 months ago