Tell me this isn’t the BEST HAIR you’ve seen on a five year old🙌🏻 • Sophia has been my little assistant all week so I had to treat her to a hair appointment 15 hours ago
Summer time CHOP ✂️✂️ 18 hours ago
An oldie but a goodie. I love these humans💗 2 days ago
Okay, these are the cutest freaking things I’ve ever seen. 4 days ago
Oh boy. These crazy girls are my favorite 👯‍♀️ 5 days ago
Alright ladies, you see this transformation? Yaaaa, it was a tough one. This took us roughly 5 hours for the first session && some MOO-LAHHH💰 Her hair goal is to be a [bright blonde] with several sessions of course!! I’m so grateful for clients who understand that I do not have a magic wand and transformations such as this, TAKE TIME. 2 weeks ago
Textured [LOB] 🤘🏻 3 weeks ago
[BLUE] B L A C K 🌪 1 month ago
SWIPE——> to see the BEFORE 🤪🙀 1 month ago
Chocolate 🍫 1 month ago
Back to bright & white for one of my favorites💁🏼‍♀️ 1 month ago
Rich👌🏻 1 month ago
I C E ❄️ 1 month ago
Summertime Blonde ✨ 1 month ago
And anothaaa one ✨ 1 month ago
Day one at the new salon was a SUCCESS🙌🏻 I’m beyond grateful for my amazing clients!! Thank you for helping me grow & shape my craft as a stylist. I love each and every one of you! 1 month ago
Almost 6 hours later... BAM💥 1 month ago
Imma transform ya 👏🏻 2 months ago