Moments before a cannonball at the absolutely mind-blowing @aman_tokyo 1 day ago
Collecting #arthouseproject houses on Naoshima 🤯 4 days ago
Winter on Naoshima ❤️ 6 days ago
Most incredible place to stay in Kyoto. Write it down @shikijuraku 🙌🏼 1 week ago
View from the heart of the house. The fire is always going. @mindfulness.japan 1 week ago
Outtakes from the restored farmhouse in Nara @mindfulness.japan 1 week ago
We drove up into the mountainside of Nara to stay at Sasayuri-ann, a rice terrace villa owned by Matsubayashi and his wife. One of those experiences (and homemade meals) that you just can’t put into words. If you find yourself in Japan, I highly recommend looking into this incredible place. Find out more: @mindfulness.japan www.mindfulness-japan.jp 2 weeks ago
Slow mornings at @amanemu_resort // @aman @kiwicollection #carewhereyoustay 2 weeks ago
Golden grounds of @amanemu_resort // @aman @kiwicollection #carewhereyoustay 2 weeks ago
Ise-Shima for @amanemu_resort 🤯 // @aman @kiwicollection #carewhereyoustay 2 weeks ago
Life lessons at Asaba Ryokan #asabaryokan 3 weeks ago
Sooooo happy to be back in 🇯🇵 3 weeks ago