Last day of summer in New England with picture perfect weather for everyone to be outside 3 weeks ago
Red barn White clouds Blue sky Perfect Sunday 3 weeks ago
Try looking at things from a different perspective 3 weeks ago
A duck's life... 4 weeks ago
Find ways to reduce your stress and connect with nature 4 weeks ago
There's something about waterfalls that captivate me... peaceful yet powerful. 4 weeks ago
You're never too old to play with your food 1 month ago
When the vegetarian option is the best looking dish at the table... 1 month ago
Bringing the campfire indoors... Disassembling the classic s'mores Chocolate ice cream sitting in the sunlight in a pool of melted chocolate, crushed graham crackers and marshmallow brulee 1 month ago
When the chocolate chips start melting on your waffle... 1 month ago
Not your ordinary breakfast... But worth the splurge 1 month ago
Nothing says Fall like cider donuts made fresh at the farmstand 1 month ago
Finding the romance in my lens was as easy as breathing tonight💞💜💞 1 month ago
This is what September looks like when it's trying to compete with the sunsets of summer in New England. 1 month ago
I can't take my eyes off you... I'm drawn to you like a moth to a flame 1 month ago
A carousel always makes me feel young at heart💞🎠 1 month ago
Today was a fairytale 1 month ago
A carousel made of fresh flowers... stunning work of art 1 month ago