When you think of Las Vegas you probably think of excess, gambling, sinning, etc, I know I do. But ironically one of the more fabricated, unnatural places on Earth has access to some of the wildest places in the USA. Nevada is a weird land full of contrast. 9 hours ago
Proud to say I made my second issue of @blueridgeoutdoors ! As did my favorite co-pilot @goodboytully . Snag a copy of the July issue and look for my shot on the first few pages. 1 day ago
Counting down the days till I’m Ocracoke bound with @janeygioiosa and company. 2 days ago
Only took three tries but we finally got it. 6 days ago
Utah being Utah. I was busy trying to capture the last gasp of sunset when my dad said, “Will, turn around.” Sometimes you can miss the truly good stuff if you’re only experiencing life through the lens. 1 week ago
Sunday’s were meant to be simple. 1 week ago
I’d do just about anything for these temps right now... 2 weeks ago
Another shot of my favorite barn. I think I could start an Instagram handle devoted solely to scenes of Americana and rural decay and never run out of material. Hmmm 🤔 4 weeks ago
Morning tones are the best tones. Especially when the sea is angry. 1 month ago
To mine and yours, Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. 1 month ago
Dawn patrol has it’s benefits. 1 month ago
“Mother Nature’s Lean-To” How to Build: 1. Sandstone 2. Add water 3. Wait 20,000 years 1 month ago
@janeygioiosa doesn’t run from anything, unless it’s a dagger-toothed puppy. 1.5 years cancer free. So proud to call you mine. #fuckcancer 1 month ago
Y’all go do something fun this weekend. @_matt.kennedy_ , we need to hit the river soon. 1 month ago
Before I knew what this flower was I was hoping for a witty “scarlet begonias” type of caption. But @mtkamy informed me that this here is a peony... I don’t have anything witty to say about peonies. 1 month ago
Storm in the high desert. 1 month ago
Cottonwood Canyon Road. One of the more badass and “here goes nothing” drives I’ve ever made. @billoverman and I had a two wheel SUV and were told if it rains there’s no way out. So with a huge system in the forecast we hauled ass for 60 or so miles, finally landing at a camping spot near here with easy access to the highway. We made it out the next morning just in time to drive through the storm that would have turned clay to glue. Close calls are the best calls! 1 month ago
Same arch, different view. Go check yesterday’s post for some perspective. Note my dad in the bottom right corner. 1 month ago