Happy Earth Day. Let’s keep her healthy, she’s all we got. 2 days ago
Gonna keep this Spring theme going as long as the flowers keep blooming. Brb, gotta go catch the dogwoods before they’re gone... 5 days ago
Wine ✔️ Fire ✔️ Stars ✔️ Friends ✔️ This is Virginia at its finest. 1 week ago
If you could taste the sunset, this one would be pink lemonade. 1 week ago
I love Spring. I don’t realize just how much until she comes around again. Then as soon as I’ve fallen for her she’s gone. 1 week ago
My dog. Not my truck. 1 week ago
Abstract shot of National Championship night. Cops and streetlights showing their school pride. 1 week ago
Those who know me from my sports playing days are aware that I am extremely competitive and turn into a different person when it comes to sports. As an adult I’ve carried that fervor into fandom. I am a complete nut about @uvamenshoops and to see this team persevere last night, after all this program and town have been through, well let’s just say it was about damn time. Sometimes a game is just a game, this one wasn’t. I’m truly thankful to have taken part in this moment in history, to experience such a rare form of unity, and Tony Bennett, I would follow you into battle sir. In summation: WAHOOWA! 2 weeks ago
The road ends tonight. I couldn’t be more proud of @uvamenshoops and to call myself a Cavalier. Win or lose, GO HOOS. 2 weeks ago
Two angles. Whole lotta flowers. Virginia spring is in full swing. 2 weeks ago
Tully would like to remind you about my art show this weekend. “Roads: The Paths We Take” will take place this Saturday from 6-9 at Beach Gallery in Virginia Beach. My photos, as well as paintings by my aunt @esinclairart will be on display and available for purchase. This is only my second art show but I couldn’t be more excited. Hope you’ll join me. 2 weeks ago
This Saturday, April 6th from 6-9pm, I will be taking part in a pretty darn cool art show at Beach Gallery in Virginia Beach. "Roads: The Paths We Take" will feature my photography and paintings by my aunt @esinclairart . 👩‍🎨🛣📸 Two generations of artists, two different mediums, showcasing the roads that have inspired us along the way. I hope you'll join us. 3 weeks ago
God’s a Wahoo. 🔶⚔️🔷 @uvamenshoops still dancing into the Final Four. Let’s. Go. 3 weeks ago
Sometimes I try way too hard to take a good photo or say something worthwhile. Today I’m posting a sunrise because Mother Nature never tries and always slays it. Maybe there’s a lesson here? I dunno, now I’m trying too hard. Abort, abort! 3 weeks ago
Well, it’s not much but I made my first editorial! Huge thank you to @blueridgeoutdoors Magazine for featuring my photo of the Davidson River in North Carolina. Go pick up a copy of the March edition and you’ll find my shot on the fifth page. Baby steps baby! 3 weeks ago
Spring in Albania. Not so different from spring back home. 4 weeks ago
Sunday morning coming down... from the mountain. 1 month ago
Hope your weekend leads to many open roads. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Come check out some of my favorite road pics on April 6th in Virginia Beach at Beach Gallery, 6-9. 1 month ago