A highlight of my 2019 has been contributing three stories for @greenmagazine s inaugural regional and coastal issue ☝️🥳 This heroic shot by @christopherfrederickjones capturing the magnificent Bellbird Retreat designed by @steendyk places Regional Queensland on the cover! 👏 It was a huge thrill to write the cover story as well as contribute stories for Spinnaker House, Hervey Bay designed by @sparksarchitects shot by @christopherfrederickjones and Berecabin, Byron Bay Hinterland designed by @kirstinburrowes and @_berecon_ shot by the brilliant @andymacphersonstudio . Congratulations Tamsin and Team on producing such a gutsy Issue. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it.. 💚 now go get yo’self a copy! 5 days ago
Great to chat to @sp_studio_architecture today about this very nifty garden ☝️designed to tame a steep ‘side slope’ and harness a microclimate created by a mature Jacaranda Tree. Imagine the purple blooms come Spring! Full story in the September Issue of @greenmagazine 🌱 3 weeks ago
Thanks to @katelinbutler @gemmasavio_ for the opportunity to reflect on the practice of architecture. For @housesmagazine Issue 128 I sat down with two excellent local Studios @kin_architects for ‘One to Watch’ and @sparksarchitects for ‘In Profile’ to chat about what it is that drives their practice. It’s all about being mindful and fearless.. ! 1 month ago
Some musings on architecture and landscape for Green Magazine, Issue 67 include a survey of two Brisbane projects #harriethouse by @blighgrahamarchitects shot by @christopherfrederickjones and #camphillcottagegarden by @danyoungla shot by @cathyschusler ‘With the dynamic forms of the landscape and the seasonal to-and-fro of the planting comes a sense of ease echoed in the movement and occupation of the outdoors.’ P.78 2 months ago
Archi-spotting from the roadside. A string of black-stained cedar cabins are perched on the escarpment beside Kinloch Lodge (out of frame) designed by @pattersonassociates . 2 months ago
Kinloch knows how to Autumn 🍁🍂⚡️ 2 months ago
Descending into Waikite Valley with rising steam from thermal pools. It’s a bit like a kiwi, Therme Vals @brookelloyd__ @jacinta_condon @christinakimbespoke @laurinapi (minus intervention by Zumthor) Highly recommend a visit maybe don’t bring your kids... 😛 2 months ago
At Otamakokore Stream the spring water emerges at 98°C 🥵 2 months ago
Waitawheta River Rock Throwing 2 months ago
Great to chat to Erhard and Monika @refreshdesign today at #longfellowterraces about the #missingmiddle and their quest to find a sustainable way to introduce infill housing to Brisbane’s character suburbs. These three terrace houses sit behind a Queenslander on a double block and make all the right moves to afford each a sense of address, privacy, garden, breeze and sunshine. How did they pull it off? @refreshdesign teamed up with their favourite builder @bespokeconstructions and the pair invested in quality design solutions and developed the site in partnership. Simples 👍 3 months ago
Got lots of love for the latest @housesmagazine especially the four Queensland projects surveyed in this bumper issue! It was a big thrill to chat with the legendary Gabriel Poole about #stradbrokehouse and to tour the remote site by boat with his long term collaborator @timbennetton_architects . (The writing part was a bonus 📝). #stradbrokehouse was shot by the talented @mindicooke 📷 3 months ago
Home 🤗☔️ #cjrobinsonresidence 4 months ago
The complex and compact #princessstreethouse by @owen.architecture @s_shun_t is profiled in the latest @greenmagazine Issue 66 with photography by @simon_devitt and words by me .. check it out! 4 months ago
Took me five years at architecture school to grasp the teachings of Brit Andresen and about 50mins for her every lesson to be demonstrated at 1:1 scale in 4 dimensions at #roseberyhouse Architect: Andresen O’Gorman . Special thanks to faithful custodian @greta_burkett 🙏 5 months ago
It was back in July 2014 when listening to Steve Minon talk about his pursuit of ‘Ma’ (The Japanese concept of pause) at Garden Variety that I learned of the ambitious plans for #houseinhamilton designed by @phorm_architecture @yohei.omura and @yo_shimada . It was a big thrill to visit the completed project for the first time yesterday with visiting Japanese architects. The house has settled into the landscape now and Steve’s commitment to Ma continues... From the street the house appears familiar (in its compositional and tectonic logic ) and yet the experience of the house is delightfully foreign (the scale of the rooms, the spatial sequence, its commitment to building tolerances). It prompted me to ask our Japanese friends, does it seem to have a Japanese or Australian/Queensland sensibility ? They resoundingly replied, ‘Japanese’ .. I think it depends what you focus on. Take a look at the laundry (last shot). A neat corrugated ‘tin’ enclosure beneath the house. A thoughtful reconstruction of something locals would appreciate as belonging to the ‘Queenslander ’ ... Thanks Paul and Steve 🙏 🇦🇺 🇯🇵 5 months ago
Retreating to the coolth of the courtyard on a balmy Brisbane evening at #newfarmparkhouse for @housesmagazine . Beautiful work by 📐 @myers_ellyett 🌱 @danyoungla 🔨 @peter_leftwich 6 months ago
The memorable spaces and places of 2018 #bestnine2018 thanks to @owen.architecture @lineburg @jellway @kirsty_volz @s_shun_t @hoggandlamb @jamesbailey__ @blighgrahamarchitects @paterdis_ @phorm_architecture @yohei.omura @silvia_micheli41 @ant4030 6 months ago
Paid a visit to Mladek House by #JohnRailton over the weekend. Disheartening to see it in its current state. Second image by #richardstringerphotographer via qldarch.net captures the spirit of the original home c1968 7 months ago