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3 days ago
The coolest and most surprising place !! Felt I was back in time. #cinci #cincinnati #sign 4 days ago
I want all of them!! Amazing museum in Cinci: The American sign museum. #cinci #cincinnati #cincinnatiphotographer 4 days ago
The green-go Family weekend !! 3 weeks ago
Sweethearts !! 3 weeks ago
A day on the beach with Naomi 3 weeks ago
In love with Naomi ! 3 weeks ago
The most beautiful and memorable thing about a project is always the people and the experience of sharing life together. Ale and Edu have been a family for me, knowing them has been a honor and seeing the world through their eyes is a gift. Thank you for making this collection a reality!! 3 weeks ago
Missing turkey !! 3 weeks ago
New installation about to be born. 4 weeks ago
Thank you @luziojorge and @gautierfr for capturing so many cool and funny memories in turkey !! You guys are missed and celebrated !! 1 month ago
The Moore building will be always my home. I lived and worked there for many years; it always feels nice to be back. Thank you @miamidesigndistrict for supporting our creative community. #miamidesigndistrict #designmiami #miamidesign 1 month ago
Missing the breeze of turkey, the blues of the sea and the warmth of the people. #turkeytravel #boattripturkey 1 month ago
Detail of stage mechanics wall. Pretty amazing !! #theater #behind #behindthescenes 🎬 1 month ago
Two precious powerful women that energize our world !! Thank you for making such a great experience for us. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 1 month ago
The Earth has a chaotic way of manifesting itself. The same elements that brings us so much pleasure can also cause us so much pain. Miles from Miami, the same winds and ocean are consuming Bahamas. It is the paradox of life, constantly creating and destroying. I feel for those in suffering at this time. 1 month ago