Blue bird days flying high above the freshly dusted peaks of the Tasmanian highlands. @tasmania @paraviontas #discovertasmania 4 weeks ago
Dolerite pillars of the Tasmania highlands, remnants of a violent volcanic past rise up vertically and defy the elemental forces of rain, wind and snow that weather this rugged and wild part of the world. Captured post mid winter blast whirling over Tasmania’s tallest peaks with @paraviontas & @tasmania #discovertasmania 1 month ago
A few scenes from the flight in and from my time on Satellite Island off the coast of Tasmania, quite possibly one of the best places I’ve ever stayed. The 30min flight in from the Hobart crossed dense forests, open ocean and rugged coastlines arriving to our private island for 2 of the most memorable nights disconnected from the rest of the world. Who would you want to stay here with? @tasmania @satelliteisland @paraviontastas #discovertasmania 1 month ago
Layers of Tasmanian wilderness peaking through a sunrise cloud inversion mid winter in the air with @paraviontas & @paraviontas #discovertasmania 1 month ago
Imagine being in a place 5 days walk from the nearest town, the only way in is a small bush runaway in the middle of nowhere or a 2 day boat trip through the roaring forties. This is the South West of Tasmania. Swipe right for the full scene looking over Bathurst Harbour out towards Port Davey. @tasmania #DiscoverTasmania 1 month ago
Raw, rugged and immensely remote, the southwest of Tasmania is a true wilderness experience far detached from civilisation. As the rain began to fall the sun poked through creating rainbows in all directions as we hiked high along a ridge above Bathurst harbour, an afternoon etched deeply in the memory bank. As places go Tasmania will always be top of my list and I look forward to showing you more of what I got up to on my recent adventure on the island state. @tasmania #discovertasmania 1 month ago
Soaring in & out of the clouds over glacial valleys somewhere above Fiordland. 1 month ago
The meeting of two giants at sundown, Etosha National Park.. Happy world elephant day 2 months ago
In coming weather on the Skelton Coast, where the sand mountains of the Namibia meet the Atlantic. 2 months ago
The future kings of the jungle... These curious little guys were captured during my recent stay at @erindinamibia where I had the chance to spend a week learning about the conservation projects happening here and getting to know the wildlife that call this protected reserve home. Each day held many memorable experiences starting with a pre dawn drive heading out into the bush with over 70,000 hectares pure wilderness to see what we could find. Look forward to showing you more from my stay here at @erindinamibia 2 months ago
Desert textures at sundown as seen from one of the tallest dunes in the world aka Big Daddy.. 2 months ago
A breeding herd of elephants kicking up an atmosphere of dust and spilling light as they depart west off into the sunset. Of all the moments of my recent Namibia workshop this one holds some special significance to me for having the opportunity to bare witness the social interactions between the elephants, it’s only strengthen my love more for these precious animals.. @safari.frank 2 months ago