What’s up doc? asks Mr. Rabbit! Tell us what your favourite Easter Sunday tradition is? Our most popular tradition is the Egg hunt, where on Easter Sunday parents hide the Easter eggs either somewhere at home or in the garden to provide an exhilarating Easter egg hunt for the children 🥚🏃! Finding the eggs makes all the looking so worth it, once you realise that they are filled with Icelandic candy and a proverb, much like the fortune cookies. #inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @icelandic_explorer 1 hour ago
Iceland is full of surprises. If the stunning nature wasn´t enough, you can encounter places like this along your way! ☺️ #inspiredbyiceland #easticeland 23 hours ago
New Lighthouse in town! The new, picture perfect lighthouse, has been set up at the Reykjavik harbor, adding yet another spot to the refreshing walk along the shoreline. This lighthouse is one of the few in the harbor serving as a guiding light for all the ships coming to the harbour. It´s hard not to love it instantly 😊 #inspiredbyiceland #reykjavikloves 📸 by @visitreykjavik 2 days ago
Easter traditions in Iceland 🇮🇸 Easter dinner in Iceland equals a delicious roasted leg of lamb. We usually eat the Easter lamb on the Sunday, but a little more of it over Easter won´t hurt anyone, especially since it’s an absolute favourite of Icelanders😊 #inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @pulpedtravel 3 days ago
Rauðasandur (Red Sand in Icelandic) is precisely that: a beach with endless red sand. Well, not endless but 10 km is still a lot 😊, and not always red, because hues of the sand differ with daylight and weather 😊. Still, this oasis of tranquility provides a piece of paradise beach to Iceland and allows you to be alone on this long stretch only spotting seals and countless seabirds #inspiredbyiceland #westfjords 📸 by @katarinatordis 4 days ago
Is the Arctic Fox a colour shifter? 🦊 Arctic foxes are actually found in two colour morphs, the "white" and the "blue". The white foxes are almost completely white in the winter but bi-coloured in the summer. The blue morph is dark brown and keeps its colour throughout the year but the sun bleaches the colour so it´s not easy to distinguish the colours in that time of the year. We are huge fans of both colours 😊 #inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @hannes_becker 5 days ago
The giant stones of Stórurð. One of East Iceland's most illustrious spots is Stórurð, which lies below the small glacier west of Dyrfjöll mountains and like all good things in life, reaching it comes with some effort. It takes a proper hike to get to Stórurð, and that journey is full of changing and breathtaking landscapes such as lowlands, meadows, ponds, and finally gigantic tuff boulders. Dedicate a whole day to this adventure and you are in stock for some truly physically and mentally regenerating moments 🚶🏻🇮🇸🙏 #inspiredbyiceland #easticeland 📸 by @mthegreathouse 6 days ago
The Game of Thrones final season is almost here and before the white-walker apocalypse, we thought we’d give you heads up about the options to visit some of the show’s most notorious filming locations in Iceland. Icelandic landscapes and natural features have become hallmarks of the show’s breathtaking backdrops, including waterfalls, rift valleys, medieval villages, glaciers, and hot cave pool. From @northiceland through @westiceland to @southiceland the GoT locations can be explored and even when you find yourself in Reykjavik, going on a thrilling, Game of Thrones focused tour by @graylineiceland is probably one of the coolest decisions you can make as a fan. Check the list of those epic GoT locations in our link in Stories 👆👑⚔️🛡🐉 Let the GoT excitement begin! @gameofthrones #inspiredbyiceland 1 week ago
Icy walks in Iceland ❄️ are the best 👌❤️🇮🇸 #inspiredbyiceland 📸 by @lennart 1 week ago
To stand out is to be known for something outstanding! This beautiful, outstanding, lighthouse is found at Svörtuloft, a formation of dark and black lava cliffs on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Luckily, as seen on the picture, there is also a spectacular viewing panel that allows you to truly enjoy the mysterious surrounding area! #inspiredbyiceland #icelandicpledge 📸 by @alonso.suito 1 week ago
Moments before diving into Silfra, the only place in the world where you can dive or snorkel directly in a crack between two continents! Silfra is in Þingvellir National Park and the diving&snorkeling site is located right in the fissure between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, where the two continents converge but drift apart about 2 cm a year! 🌎🏊‍♂️ #inspiredbyiceland #southiceland 📸 by @theinbetweentraveller 1 week ago
Winter is here! We’re looking forward to seeing all the amazing locations from Iceland in the last and defining season of Game of Thrones! Our heroes, Jon Snow specifically, have had quite a few adventures in Icelandic locations already and we’re very excited to see where fate will take them now! Join us in discovering more as the season goes on! Perhaps it’ll all end up being wintery and snowy, just like Iceland during wintertime? #gameofthrones #inspiredbyiceland 📸 @kitharingtonig 1 week ago