The magical Westfjords - Mountains are high and steep, roads are narrow and fjords are many. Fascianting stories are around every turn and endless opportunities to loose yourself in dreamy surroudings are what makes this part of Iceland worth the journey! See @lizziepeirce journey through the Westfjords to get a hint of this feeling! Full video in stories 👆 @visitwestfjords 1 day ago
You can even find diamonds in Iceland 💎, ice diamonds that is 🤗 ❄️ 💎 #inspirebyiceland #kranavatn 📸 by @gardarolafsphotography 3 days ago
“We all need at least 2 liters of water every day, which amounts to at least 14 liters of water in a week. And that’s a pretty low estimate. On this first picture, you can see all the bottles of water I would be consuming in just a week, if all the water I drank came from bottles. Imagine what 52 weeks would look like!!“ this visual by @icelandic_explorer sure speaks for why everyone should opt for tap water instead of bottled. Just by switching to Kranavatn everyday and everywhere you are not only save the environment but also yourself from drinking plastic particles. Opt for Kranavatn, it’s free and delicious 🚰💦😋 #kranavatn #inspiredbyiceland 4 days ago
Kranavatn tasting - find your favourite! We sent our best bartender to Keflavík International Airport to serve premium quality #Kranavatn for some lucky travelers! They were offered different types of Kranavatn, shaken, stirred and on the rocks, but there was a catch 🤗🍸🥃 Enjoy🚰💦😋 6 days ago
There are many reasons to why growing up in Iceland is so cool, but the two most relevant for summer include: swimming and relaxing in water is part of your everyday life and summer vacation lasts from 6 weeks up to 2.5 month. 🏊‍♀️ 🏫 🧳 You could even say that appreciating rejuvenating powers of geothermal bathing starts at a very early age in Iceland and places like the @bluelagoonis definitely make it easy to do so 😝😝😝 #inspirebyiceland 📸 by @czworonas 1 week ago
In Iceland you can walk on or inside of a glacier and if that isn’t enough, you can even get married in a chapel that inside of one. Unique places like that are Iceland’s speciality 💎🇮🇸 😍 @intotheglacier #inspiredbyiceland #iceland 📸 by @kristinmarias and planned by @pinkiceland 1 week ago
UNESCO has just approved Vatnajökull National Park as a World Heritage Site, a tremendous acknowledgement as the national park features unique nature, which is invaluable for mankind, and should be part of our legacy! 💎 This iconic volcanic region covers an area of over 1,400,000 ha, nearly 14% of Iceland's territory. Vatnajökull National Park is the third site recognized by UNESCO, alongside Þingvellir and Surtsey! #inspirebyiceland #unescoworldheritage 1 week ago
Living close to the arctic circle means mesmerizing landscapes, abundance of delicious food, great times spent in company of the locals and those intangible moments that you will never want to miss out on! @arcticcoastway #measuredbymoments #inspirebyiceland 📸 by @daniel_weissenhorn @kaffiklara @laufeykristin @giuliogroebert 1 week ago
May the Puffin be with you! Have a Good Friday 🤩👌 #inspirebyiceland #visitwestfjords 📸 by @ercan_uc 1 week ago
Reykjavík might not be the biggest city in the world but it's still easy to get lost in its unique atmosphere and colors 🏙 🌈😊 📸 by @twinslaw @visitreykjavik 1 week ago
Stuðlagil canyon is a natural wonder in Austurland - East Iceland with one of the largest collections of basalt columns in the country and the glacial river Jökla running through it. In other words: A true gem to witness 💎 This stunning photo was captured by the talented @jordhammond who said: "Spending the blue hour in and around this canyon was by far my favourite moment on our Iceland trip". Words we can easily believe!🙏 #inspirebyiceland #kranavatn @visitausturland 2 weeks ago
Your next travel should be nothing short of exceptional! Snorkeling in a glacial river that runs between two continents should meet your high standards, but if that’s not enough, let us tell you about , a company that has been awarded TripAdvisor Travelers Choice in the experience category, as one of the best in the world, and provides that stunning experience! Years of dedication to great service combined with the adventurous experience of snorkeling or diving in Silfra is what this award is recognising and we do hope you will take advantage of this recommendation when planning your trip! #inspirebyiceland 2 weeks ago