In my head, I’m a cast member from the blockbuster hit ‘La La Land’... to passersby I’m a weird girl dancing in the street that’s probably off her meds. It’s all about perspective. . . . . Who else spent part of their LA sightseeing trip driving around like a spaz, looking for the perfect tree lined street with the Hollywood sign in view? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Things I learned; 1. there probably isn’t a better shot than the one you found in the first place, and there’s a 90% chance you’ll end up right back where you started. 2. No you probably can’t get closer driving down that random street you found that seems to lead right to it. 3. Almost every one of these types of shots are photoshopped anyway. conclusion: Just shoot that first location and spend that extra time you would have wasted on brunch! 📷: @cierramxtos (remembered to tag you for once, are you so proud??) 3 days ago
There’s beautiful, and then there’s The Maldives. If you’ve been, you get it. If you haven’t, stop whatever you’re doing and go right now! . . . . Another perfect example of solo travel at its finest! Maldives is generally seen all over insta with couples loving it up. This picture should serve as a confirmation that this gorgeous place isn’t just for honeymooners! Pro tip: if you go early during wet season room rates are more affordable and you pretty much have the whole island to yourself. Splurging for that overwater bungalow won’t break the bank! But if you’re anything like me, you’ll end up spending all that saved money on extra room service. 5 days ago
The main reason I’m single is so I don’t have to share my champagne. . . . . Seriously though, it seems like there are so many experiences designed for couples that I end up wanting to experience for myself! If I had a dollar for every sideways look I’ve gotten when showing up to the booking solo...Is it really that crazy for a single lady to still want a little romance, even if she’s romancing herself? 😂😂 Sometimes a girl just needs a bottle of champagne, in a rose petal filled hot tub overlooking the ocean. Am I right?? 1 week ago
Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times. . . . . Have all the places you’ve been lived up to your expectations? What made you want to go to those places in the first place? We see so many gorgeous photos on Instagram that don’t always tell the true story of the experience; maybe they leave out the massive crowds around them as they fight to get a picture. Or maybe the picture can’t capture the true beauty of the place. The latter is how I felt about Ireland as a whole. Looking back I have no idea what compelled me to want to visit in the first place, other than I think I saw The Cliffs of Moher in a movie once. I’ll be honest I didn’t even know much about Ireland before I went, other than the little bits I learned from researching the trip itinerary. Ireland was a country that blew my mind day after day. The people were so amazing and welcoming, and the landscape took my breath away at every turn. I think going to the country with very little expectation set me up for success. And for the record, this picture does NOT do The Cliffs of Moher justice. 1 week ago
Anyone else agree that “What’s your favorite color” is a stressful question? I mean... I love purple, but I also love blue, and lately I’ve really been into orange... can I just be a 5yr old and say my favorite color is rainbow?? . . . . I loved being a kid because you didn’t actually have to commit to anything. Favorites changed daily, and no one expected you to make any concrete decisions! Adulting is hard. Everyone seems to want to function in absolutes. I’ve always considered myself someone who doesn’t view the world in black and white, rather in shades of grey. But I’ve changed my mind. Instead of shades of grey I’m going to view everything in rainbow from now on! It’s far more interesting. 📷: @crushedlensphotography 1 week ago
Now that I’m a big kid who gets to drink wine, I regret abusing perfectly good grapes by eating raisins when I was a little kid. . . . . Imagine being so close to this amazing region... thanks to that I’ve been lucky enough to have some really incredible wines. @domainecarneros is one of my favorite places in Napa; bubbles with the kind of view that makes you feel like Royalty. What’s not to love? 2 weeks ago
Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. . . . . I’ve developed a weird little quirk lately. I only let myself read when I’m traveling. It’s as if I’m saving a little treat for myself. I don’t care how good the book is, once I land back home I can’t pick my book back up until I’m on my next flight out. To be honest I’m so busy when I’m home I barely have time to read anyway, I’m usually asleep before my head hits the pillow. But this new little idiosyncrasy of mine makes traveling that much more fun. So not only am I in anticipation of my next adventure, but I’m also in anticipation of the continuation of the story! Anyone else have this as a weird habit? Or maybe something else you only do while traveling? 2 weeks ago
They say money can’t buy happiness... but money can buy Champagne, so I call BS on whoever said that. . . . . I loved SO many things about Iceland! The Blue Lagoon was one of the things I had looked forward to the most, so I saved it for the very end. Best decision I could have made! Second best decision was springing for the 4hr Retreat Spa experience. After 10 days in an RV driving the ring road, it was pure heaven. I think the coolest part was that they had a digital device lockdown. They really want you to focus on the experience and relaxation. But don’t worry, they still cater to us photo addicts. All of the staff members have been instructed to take pictures for you on request and email them to you on the spot. That’s an amazing touch, especially for solo travelers who have a hard time finding people to snap their pics! 3 weeks ago
Some of the best days can be grey days, just bring your own sunshine with you! . . . . Ever have a specific idea in your mind how a day is going to go, or how an experience is going to turn out, only to have it go exactly the opposite? This happens to me A LOT! Growing up I was always the girl with very lofty ideals and a huge imagination, who dreams up these magical scenarios in her head. However as time goes on I’ve learned to let go of what I thought would be and enjoy what is. This has given me the ability to roll with whatever situation comes my way; especially when it comes to shooting. . Travel photography can be so difficult sometimes, because unless you’re staying in one area for a long time (which I rarely do), you’re at the mercy of the weather and lighting, at whatever spot you had planned to visit. Sometimes your plans get delayed and you make it to a location hours after you expected, and totally miss the ideal light. Or sometimes the forecast changes on you day of and you’re forced to shoot in the rain. If you keep a positive attitude ANY situation can be turned into a good one, and you can use that grey day to your advantage. Don’t you think this shot is awesome BECAUSE of the moodiness and rain?? 📷: @crushedlensphotography 3 weeks ago
The quest for the perfect Instagram shot makes you magically immune to extreme cold for about 8min straight. It’s science. . . . . Interesting to think how the whole “mind over matter” thing works. There’s no way in hell I would have braved this cold, rainy, moody (so very San Fran) day wearing this little clothing, for any reason other than to get a shot for Instagram. Some people would have negative things to say about that I suppose; the fact that I would go to such lengths just to capture a photograph. However I see it differently. My instagram journey has encouraged me to push myself mentally and physically. I’ve taken more spontaneous adventures, made more random connections (shout out to @cierramxtos whom I met on insta and is now one of my best friends) and have collected more beautiful pictures than I ever imagined. So in my opinion “doing it for the gram” can inspire you to do something for yourself you may not have done otherwise. 📷: @crushedlensphotography . 3 weeks ago
Really glad I didn’t take TLC’s advice back in junior high. . . . . Waterfalls are proof that you can be powerful, but you can also be graceful. I think that’s a pretty good approach to life in general. Find your power, but maintain a graceful presence in the world around you. Sometimes I find it hard to be both, I have a tendency to be strong and not let myself be vulnerable. I just have to remind myself that life is all about balance. 📷: @evan_nowak_ 3 weeks ago
Sometimes I wish I had synesthesia... I really want to know if pink tastes like bubble gum or strawberry. I hope it doesn’t taste like bubble gum, that would be such a disappointment. . . . . It’s kind of a trip to think about how many differences there are in humans. Some people can taste colors, some have crazy bat like hearing... some are afraid of cotton balls... (that last one may or may not be about me🤷🏼‍♀️). None of this rambling has anything to do with this picture. It was taken at the museum of ice cream... good talk. 1 month ago
Just because I was born with legs, doesn’t mean I was meant to be on land. #mermaidlife 🧜🏻‍♀️ . . . . Have you ever felt 100% in your element before? That’s how I feel when I dive. I deal with a lot of anxiety in my every day life. It hits me out of nowhere and for no reason most of the time. In the water I feel completely at peace. Getting PADI certified was one of the best decisions I ever made! Feeling the entire world melt away as I dip below the surface is absolutely incredible. Some of my best moments have been under water, and diving the USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben was definitely one of them! 1 month ago
Is this what it feels like to be a baby bird?? I just hope no one tries to spit food in my mouth... 🐣 . . . . This photo makes me think a lot about self care, which is something I talk about from time to time. I, like most of you I’m sure, am constantly on the go. Whether it be traveling or working my big girl job, I always seem to put my own sanity on the back-burner. Cozied up in this little human nest made me think about the ways our body and mind get their emotional nourishment. It really shouldn’t take flying all the way to Iceland for me to get some R & R, yet I seem to reserve that time for vacations. Just interesting to think about how hard it is to prioritize moments like these. Maybe I need to build myself my own nest at home! I’m thinking ALL the squishy throw pillows and uber soft blankets, and a little basket full of books, in a cozy corner with no digital devices in sight! What would your nest be composed of?? 1 month ago
I could definitely survive in a Mad Max kinda world. Just call me Furiosa from now on. . . . . Ok but really; camping on the beach, laughing around a bonfire, riding quads all day long... Pismo Beach is by far one of my favorite places in the world. It’s like living during a different time period, before things got so complicated. Have you ever explored sand dunes?? 1 month ago
Drinking tiki cocktails, dreaming of the Philippines. . . . . Headed to Palawan in May, and I’m beyond excited. I’ve been in love with it’s aqua blue waters and epic coastlines for as long as I can remember, but somehow never made it there. Exactly 70 days from now I’ll be sipping my tiki cocktail on the beach and not missing Sacramento one bit! Anyone have any Palawan tips for me?? 1 month ago
Obligatory Paul Smith pink wall photo, check ✔️ (didn’t want to get my instapass revoked). . . . . Sometimes the lists of “must see places” in a city totally make sense... other times they are random colored walls with no understandable relevance to anything... but hey, because pink? Am I right?? Also it’s across the street from the cutest little coffee shop ever, that has legit latte art. Win win. 📷: @cierramxtos 1 month ago
Story of my freakin life... anyone else with me?? . . . . Found this gem in a quaint little shop in Old Town Folsom, and obviously I had to buy it. I put it in my bedroom but I’m beginning to think I should just carry it around with me at all times. 📷: @cierramxtos 1 month ago