If I’m sitting on a picnic table, does that make me a snack?? . . . . Ok this post is all about a product pro tip: Power Banks. Never leave home without them. I literally can’t function without having a backup battery for my mobile devices. Any time I’ve left the house without one it never fails that something dies unexpectedly. Recently @snapwireless sent me a care package with three of their wireless charging products - one for home, one for the car and one for my adventures! So obviously I was super stoked to find they had sent me their PowerPack power bank. I loved all three products but that one is obviously my favorite. Not only does charge wirelessly, but it can charge wired and has connections for USB, micro USB, USB C and iPhone 30pin - so I can literally charge every device I use for creating content while I’m traveling. Now that I’ve started wireless charging I’m completely hooked... or am I UNhooked because there are no wires?? 😂😂😂 (swipe through to check the products out up close) 2 days ago
Never grow up, it’s a trap! . . . . Let’s talk about Sacramento! I feel like Sac doesn’t get the credit it deserves. In fact I was guilty of this myself. Before I moved there from DC, I really thought it was going to be full of TGI Friday’s and sports bars. I was so wrong! Not only does California’s capital have an awesome little bar scene, it also has a TON of street art! I’ve heard there are over 400 murals in downtown alone. This means there are more insta photo ops than you probably have time to see! If you’re thinking of making a trip, a quick google search will deliver several options for “mural maps”. . Pro tip: Sacramento is a super central hub - with San Fran, Napa and Lake Tahoe each only about 2hrs away. My advice for an awesome trip itinerary; spend two days exploring Sacramento, then take highway 50 to South Tahoe for a couple days, do the Emerald bay drive to North Tahoe or Truckee (great hiking in both North and South), then head to Napa/Sonoma for a couple days of wine tasting (depending on the time of year you can stop in Dixon Ca and take pictures in the fields of sunflowers). From Napa head to Point Reyes for some awesome hikes and amazing photo ops (find the shipwreck!). From Point Reyes head to San Fran over the Golden Gate Bridge to explore the city! Happy to share tips and photo op locations for any of these places, just comment and ask! 6 days ago
And she sailed off through night and day. And in and out of weeks. And almost over a year to where the wild things are. . . . . Palawan Pro Tip: The best way to see Palawan is to book an island hopping trip that spans many days. There are options going from El Nido to Coron or Coron to El Nido. I chose to start in Coron as it aligned better with my timeframe, but either way is fine. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I found out about @taophilippines and chose their 5 day excursion. In my opinion the 3 day option just wouldn’t have been enough time. Why do I think this is the best way to do it? Because getting to cruise along from island to island with no real agenda, means you get to show up places before the tourist boats, as well as visit pristine, untouched islands the tourist boats don’t go. Day trips are generally overcrowded and super limited on where they will take you. Just be prepared because base camps at night are no frills, but give you a real taste of what island living is like! Photo by @cierramxtos with my edits 1 week ago
I’m just over here learning about my family tree... it’s funny because I’m IN a tree... get it?? 🌳 . . . . Ok but really I’ve always talked about doing DNA testing, but never pulled the trigger. I was lucky enough to have @ancestry send me a kit, therefore giving me zero excuse not to give it a try! They are so committed to helping people find out about their heritage, that they’re doing a major flash sale for the 4th of July ($58 instead of the usual $99). . I will be sharing my results in my stories later. I just received them today but I wouldn’t let myself peek, because I wanted to share it live with all of you! Plus I want to do it with my mom and see what she thinks about the results. So write down this link - https://prf.hn/l/7EJBdpr - or check out @ancestry to take advantage of the sale. And don’t forget to check back later for my big reveal story! Any bets on my geographical background?? (Spoiler alert; I may be planning my future travel around these results!) 1 week ago
I will always be grateful that humans can’t read each other’s minds. I would be totally screwed. . . . . Cupcake ATM. Yes it’s a thing. That’s where this little guy came from. Specifically the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM on Santa Monica BLVD between Bedford and Camden. Real talk; did the cupcake taste good? No. It was kind of stale and meh. However there’s something super fun about getting cupcakes out of an ATM machine that made it worth the stop. So if you’re only in search of a quirky instaworthy location, put this on your list, because it’s kind of a must for any girls LA photo bucket list. But if you’re looking for some heavenly sweet treats I would suggest you keep looking. 🧁 Photo by @cierramxtos with my edits 2 weeks ago
Which way to the gun show?? . . . . NorCal day-trip: Nevada City, anyone ever been? Don’t let the name fool you, this cute little town is in fact in Northern California. Start the day off at Heartwood for some killer Avo toast and pick up some snacks for lunch. Then head over to Rush Creek Falls for an easy but fun hike. Located only about 6 miles northwest of Nevada City on highway 49, just south of the South Yuba River. You will see signs for the South Yuba Independence train, but be careful you don’t zip by them on accident! If you hit the bridge over the South Yuba River you’ve gone too far. Just park in one of the little turn outs and head down to the Independence Trail West (this one reaches Rush Creek Falls) This trail is one of the few I’ve ever seen that’s wheelchair accessible which is pretty awesome! After about a mile you will come to a cool wooden flume section (which is where this was shot), if you look to your left at some point you’ll see the creek and this is where you want to veer off the main path. The flume will zig zag down to the water and lead to a small waterfall. . Pro tip: Go above the waterfall! Once you’re out of the zig zag flume section, cross the shallow water towards the left side and climb (CAREFULLY) up the rocks to go above the small falls. Up there you will find tide pools filled with orange salamanders, and rocks to sunbathe on and enjoy lunch. Depending on how adventurous you are there’s a second small, but tall waterfall deeper to the back you can climb up. We ended not even doing the rest of the trail. We just hung out and explored this area all afternoon. WARNING: watch out for poison oak! Then if you’re feeling peckish after the hike, which I always am. Head back to Nevada City and have dinner at New Moon Cafe! Make sure to wander around the little town after, it’s adorable at night! 2 weeks ago
I’ve never met a private pool I didn’t like. . . . . Bali pro tip: Don’t stay directly in Ubud. There are so many gorgeous villas with private pools (many with staff and chefs, though this one did not) in the tiny surrounding villages. These villas are all crazy affordable too! Best thing to do is have your driver take you to drop your luggage, then bring you to the nearest scooter rental office. Having the ability to zip into the bustling city easily, but be able to escape to my own little paradise was amazing! For about $100 usd per night this riverside villa had two suites; one in the main house with an outdoor bathtub and terrace overlooking the pool, and another in the bottom part of the house with its own entrance that opened directly to the pool. Perfect place for a solo traveler, two couples or two friends who like a little bit of space between them! It was in a small village called Penestanan Kajav, and walking distance to a little cafe called Cafe Vespa - which very quickly became one of my favorite spots in the Ubud region! 2 weeks ago
Can I pass for a hipster in this hat?? Or do I need a handlebar mustache? 🤔 . . . . This picture feels like a metaphor for my life currently. I’m staring at a bridge, and I can either stay on one side or make the decision to cross to the other. Whichever side I choose has a huge impact on my future... but I have no idea which choice to make, so I’m just over here hanging off the middle. In other news, I really need to start season 2 of Big Little Lies, maybe I’ll do that instead of making decisions. Photo by @evan_nowak_ 3 weeks ago
I’ll have her paw prints on my heart forever. . . . . Had to say goodbye to my best friend today. She was by my side for 15 amazing years and I am so lucky for every single moment. We went through so many things together; through all the uncertain and change life brought, she was my constant. My rock. We started our life together when I found her from a breeder in Beverly Hills, and she was small enough to fit in a teacup. We drove cross country together when I moved from California to Virginia. She gave me confidence when I decided to pick up and move to NYC without a job or a plan. She helped me through my divorce. She made me smile when I was the saddest I had ever been. Two years ago she had a tracheal collapse and the vet told me it was time to put her down, but knowing we needed more time I took her to a specialist who saved her life and gave us two more wonderful years together. Today I got to spend one last amazing day with her and this day will stay in my memory forever. Love you always little bug. 3 weeks ago
Why do I feel like aliens are about to burst through those clouds and steal my fruit plate... Rumor has it, they love grapes. . . . . . I think my favorite thing about Bali was the freshness of the food. I loved how they catered to an overall healthy culinary approach. It made coming back to the US hard in that way. I was surprised to find how difficult it can be to find fresh, healthy, quick options where I’m based. I’m constantly on the go and need to be able grab food quickly. It’s for this reason I don’t always eat as healthy as I would like. I definitely miss just being able to stumble into a random restaurant in Bali and find something delicious and good for you. 1 month ago
Didn’t even realize I was having a Bond girl moment until I saw this shot after the fact... had I known I would have milked it much longer. . . . . Pro Tip: In Palawan, drybags are life. Don’t take for granted how important it is to have a good one. This scene here was the norm; hopping out of the boat and wading to shore, or commandeering a kayak to shoot a hidden beach. We spent 5 days cruising from Coron to El Nido and each evening we stopped at a base camp to eat dinner and sleep. Our suitcases stayed on the boat, we just packed a drybag with necessities for the night. While you can pick up a drybag at literally EVERY souvenir stand in El Nido or Coron, I suggest bringing a higher quality one with you. @vitchelogear sent me their 30L drybag backpack to try, and I can honestly say I had no idea how valuable it would end up being. We spent so much in-and-out of the water and in general there’s just so much moisture around. My camera and gear were completely safe and dry the entire time, and it being a legit backpack with comfortable sturdy straps made a huge difference as well. It’s definitely coming on my next dive trip. 1 month ago
Do I count as a wild animal? If not, can someone bring me some French fries?? . . . . Clearly this is a latergram, though the weather in Tahoe has been so unpredictable it was still snowing in May. I just got back home to Sacramento and it’s hot AF already. It was 101°F yesterday 🤦🏼‍♀️. Decided posting a snowy picture might help channel some cooler weather around here. Does a bikini count as business casual? Because I think I’m wearing one to work tomorrow... 1 month ago
The sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it’s here is up to us. . . . . We have the opportunity to be whoever we want from day to day. We wake up each morning and choose what we will put out into the world. Will we make a positive impression? Will we choose to retreat inside of ourselves and take no opportunities to connect? Only you are in control of yourself and the impact you will have on those around you. Choose to leave the world a little bit better than you left it the day before, because regardless of who you chose to be yesterday, sunrise is a do-over. Use each sunrise wisely. Photo by @cierramxtos with my edits 1 month ago
If you want to seem like you know a lot about wine, hold it super awkwardly by the foot of the glass while trying to look unimpressed. Works every time. . . . . I’ve definitely upped my wine game over the last few years. I used to be an “only Pinot Grigio” girl, wouldn’t touch a drop of red. Now I’m not afraid of any varietal! I’ve mentioned before how awesome it is to have Napa so close to me, and how lucky I am to get to explore new wines so often, but it has me thinking of other wine regions throughout the world. I’m feeling like I need to do a world tour of all the famous growing regions, but I think that would take me an entire lifetime because there’s so many places to go! So maybe I’ll start small... Tuscany? Bordeaux? Any wine regions you’ve been to that are an absolute must?? 1 month ago
New beach, who dis?? . . . . The struggle I went through to get to and from this moment was well worth it... Numerous canceled and/or delayed flights, sleeping on airport floors, closed airline offices, scammed by taxis, wrong directions given more than once... thank god I grabbed a couple of @readytothrivebrand smoothies at @target for the trip! Photo by @cierramxtos with my edits 1 month ago
The teeniest superbloom ever! . . . . So many itty bitty Poppies everywhere! Ok but really whoever invented protein shakes is a genius. I can’t tell you how many times they have saved my ass. I’ve always got a single serve packet with me, and I’m starting to become Mary Poppins when it comes to packing for my adventures. . My essentials: Instagram dress of course, power pack, protein powder, fruit snacks, mini first aid kit, bikini (somehow I always need a bikini), sunblock, mini Bluetooth speaker, baby wipes, water bottle, lifestraw, hair ties, turkey jerky, two tripods (one for my DSLR and one for iPhone), remote shutter, water shoes and about 5 different chapsticks. What’s in yours?? 2 months ago
One of these days I’m gonna fall in... . . . . First time visiting Pittsburgh and I was surprised at how cool it was! So many damn bridges. Did you know Pittsburgh has 446 different bridges?? Supposedly NY has more but Pittsburgh’s number of bridges seems much more in your face because of how small the city is. I just said bridges way too many times... now I can’t stop saying bridges. Bridges. 📷: @evan_nowak_ 2 months ago
Can I wish for more wishes?? . . . . No matter how old I get I still believe in making wishes. I wish on shooting stars, I make a wish whenever I find an eyelash or when the clock shows 11:11. I throw pennies into wells, break apart wish bones, live for birthday candles and still pick dandelions to blow on them (even though I know I’m probably making some gardener somewhere very angry at my willful spreading of weeds). Life can be hard sometimes; but believing in the magic of wishes makes it a little bit easier don’t you think?? 📷: @crushedlensphotography . . . . #darlingescapes #happiness #girlslovetravel #doyoutravel #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #travelawesome #wearetravelgirls #ladiesgoneglobal #travelstoke #femmetravel #exploringtheglobe #welltravelled #thetravelwomen #letsgosomewhere #mytinyatlas #welivetoexplore #dreambig #tasteintravel #theglobewanderer #exploremore #glt #globelletravels #girlswhotravel #femaletravelbloggers #sidewalkerdaily #positivevibes #visitcalifornia #sacramento #californialove 2 months ago