Jim Capurso, @u.s.forestservice Pacific Northwest Fisheries Biologist, speaks with @tucosta5rivers participants on the importance of developing new conservation strategies. Collaboration is key in the scientific community. Only through the free exchange of ideas will change become possible. We are proud to support the 5 Rivers Oddessy and the next generation of anglers and conservationists. #fishpondusa #conservation #pacificnorthwest #steelhead #publiclands #species #getoutthere | video: @moretti.media 3 days ago
10 years ago, the Bruchez family had a meeting to discuss what needed to be done with their family ranch on the Colorado River. Water levels weren’t what they used to be, and the resources and systems they had relied on for generations were changing and disappearing at an unprecedented pace. They could either sell the ranch or fight to protect the land that had provided for them for years. They decided to fight. Now, Paul Bruchez has found another reason to ensure the water and land around him continue to provide for years to come. Click the link in our bio to watch the video. #fishpondusa #colorado #conservation #flyfishing | video: @hiddenwoodsmedia 5 days ago
Paul Bruchez, gearing up in one of the more impressive garages in the state of Colorado. Tune in tomorrow for more on his family's ranch, and the resources he is working to protect for generations to come.  #fishpondusa #colorado #conservation #flyfishing | photo: @johnlandlecoq 6 days ago
Trout Unlimited’s 5 Rivers Odyssey is an annual summer program helping raise awareness surrounding public lands and native salmonids. This year, students are exploring the Columbia River Basin and the threats that face its amazing fisheries. The lessons they learn on their travels represent an amazing effort by @troutunlimited to strengthen our community and improve the outlook for critical habitats and species. Dan Eiden, one of the program's participants, recently wrote in to update us on their stop-in with TU’s Kyle Smith on the North Santiam River. Hit the link in our bio to read the full story. #fishpondusa #conservation #pacificnorthwest #steelhead #wildsteelheadersunited #publiclands #species #getoutthere | photos: @moretti.media 1 week ago
Wind River Roll-Top: the preferred backpack for whatever wading style this is. We're told it's called "The Virginia Method." #fishpondusa #getoutthere #submersible #explore #bombproof | photo: @connortapscott33 1 week ago
Happy Fourth of July! We'll be out taking advantage of Colorful Colorado's public lands. How will you be celebrating? #fishpondusa #publiclands #independenceday #getoutthere | photo: @johnlandlecoq 1 week ago
Time to cut out for the holiday weekend. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, and time on the water has got to be near the top of the list. #fishpondusa #rockies #flyfishing #getoutthere 1 week ago
Today is the last day to submit your comments to the U.S. Army Corps on its draft environmental assessment for Pebble Mine. Join us along with our friends at @wildsalmoncenter in speaking out against Pebble's permitting process, and calling for the protection of Bristol Bay and its world-class salmon rivers. Visit the link in our bio to ensure your voice is heard. #fishpondusa #nopebblemine #savebristolbay #businesses4bristolbay #conservation #sockeye  | photo: @jasonsching 2 weeks ago
With fish like these, it's easy to see why we call Colorado home. Get out there and fill those nets this weekend! #fishpondusa #nomad #keepemwet #flyfishing #colorado | photo: @landonmayerflyfishing 2 weeks ago
One of the many icons of the American West stands on the border of Colorado and Wyoming. Windpumps dot the landscape of the plains and serve as a constant reminder of the water needs in our arid landscape. #fishpondusa #americanwest #landscape #conservation | photo: @johnlandlecoq 3 weeks ago
They just don't make 'em like they do in Alaska. Fishpond Ambassador, @k8crump , with a beaut! #fishpondusa #alaska #char #getoutthere #frigatetravel 3 weeks ago
Where will your weekend take you? #fishpondusa #alaska #thunderhead #getoutthere #adventure #steelhead #overland | photo: @landon_ecker 3 weeks ago