250 miles. 47k gain. 21 days. No rush, just sheer ecstatic love for the beauty of nature. 20 year backpacking anniversary. I have a lot to unpack literally and figuratively and will be adding to my stories in the coming weeks. Self love and self compassion made me stronger than I’ve ever felt before. 1 month ago
I’ve spent the summer soloing in the back country around volcanoes. 20 years of backpacking like a girl down. 20 more to go. Want to start a site to support WTF backpackers - I’ve been loving helping peeps on the trail! 1 month ago
I love derps. 4 months ago
Binge watching all of the fast and furious movies and drinking Coronas with friends. Here’s a cute doggo. Be safe out there at your bbq’s and don’t drink and drive plz. ❤️ 4 months ago
I’m seriously missing the PNW this morning. Dreamt of of the cascades, of the sound of running water everywhere of giant rocks jutting from the sea. I am a decomposing mossy tree at my core. 4 months ago
Just a friendly reminder that woman’s rights are being torn from their bodies, so DONATE TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD! A little bit goes a long way towards social justice and women’s healthcare. #prochoiceisprolife #stopthebans 4 months ago
Just danced around my house like a boss bitch and total dorkus blasting to @lizzobeeating for THREE HOURS. Answered emails on the fly. Working and working it. Better than a standing desk. 5 months ago
Frankie’s face says everything I’m feeling today. #naps #sleepy #foodcoma 5 months ago
Me when I see pizza. #adoptdontshop #cornishrex 5 months ago
Good hair day. #chinesecrested 5 months ago
6 months ago
This baby bird tho. I’m grateful every day for everyone who works their fingers to the bone to rescue pets. If @whiskeyslurpee wasn’t working with @wingsofrescue and the rescue out of California to pull and fly up a very pregnant dog slated for euth I wouldn’t be so hopelessly in love with my best friend every day. #adoptdontshop 6 months ago
Riding gravel in Lockhart. 30 miles = 1/2lb fatty brisket at Smitty’s. After my first ever real gravel ride at @landrun100 I guess I decided I sure like the gnar. @teamsnacks @cycleast @allcitycycles @elielcycling #steelisreal #girlswhogravel 6 months ago
@landrun100 50 mile ride - my first ever bike race and first real deal gravel ride. Did not fall apart despite not being able to train. @allcitycycles steel is sooo real. @buceestexas bikini impulse buy for the win. Thanks for that sweet red mud, Oklahoma. 6 months ago
Big Bend road trip this weekend. Backpacked 18 miles with an overnight on the northeast rim. Thanks to @chrisbodenner @eastaustinsawdust @beerpedaler for the good time ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 7 months ago
New. Bike. Day. @allcitycycles @teamsnacks @cycleast hit Roy G with @sarah_dieken to splash around in the mud and dirt. The future looks groad AF ❤️ 7 months ago
How I feel about this Valentine’s Day bizznizz. #nope #galentinesday #adoptdontshop #puppylove 8 months ago
Should I try to do Wonderland AND JMT this year? Wonderland would be a great training camp 😂 gonna enter both lotteries and see what pans out. #wonderlandtrail #girlswhobackpack @wilder_witch 8 months ago