The many moods of a photo shoot. Fir forests are my fav 23 hours ago
⛰️🌄⛰️ 23 hours ago
Thank you random lady for posing in this for me 💓. Near devil's courthouse during after sunset while storm clouds rolled in 1 day ago
Dreaming of sunny days. The weather is ALL over the place lately. I thought Florida was bad. I'm just like, calm yo tits over here. . . Anywho, any of y'all have land? We should go on an adventure - there are a lot of farms with rolling fields and long range views. Every day here, shows me something new. I know that's sappy 😏 but as someone who's grown up traveling between the mountains and beach, you appreciate it so much more because it's so different. The whole atmosphere and way of life and so much more. Life is an adventure. Make time. Say it out loud. "I will make time for myself". 💓 4 days ago
I've got my head and hands in the clouds ☁️☁️ . . . . I need to do more double exposures. I'm not very good doing it in camera yet, but I'm a pro in PS at this point - I always wanna try new things out. Sometimes it's frustrating, or awkward, but sometimes it works out like magic. The key is persistence!! . . . . As photographers, we should always go out of our comfort zone. To know what we want, to not know, to get ideas, to see what works, what doesn't, the list is endless. You don't have to push yourself too much, but try a new pose, or a new angle or shoot with a prop, etc etc 4 days ago
What happens on the parkway, stays on the parkway 🏞️🎶📸💓✨ 6 days ago
No expectations only acceptance. You're free to be yourself, show your energy and that spark of life. 6 days ago
If I had to choose only one tip to give someone who wants to develop themselves and become in whatever they are doing, it would be to practice a lot of self-reflection. . . For the purpose of self-reflection, you want to identify as many aspects of yourself as possible. This is usually done through questioning yourself. You can use various graphics, lists or simply notes as material, but the thought counts more than anything else in this case. Here are some extremely basic questions that can easily lead to more meaningful ones: ✔️What are my flaws? Which of the flaws can I correct? ✔️What is my material goal? This applies to finances, employment and such. ✔️Do I have a mental or spiritual goal? If so, what is it? ✔️What will I be like once I correct my flaws and reach my goals? ✔️What has changed in this version of me other than the corrected flaws and reached goals? Am I holding anything back? ✔️Already, with just four questions, you can make a helpful reminder of what to work on and what to look forward to. An important note is not to focus on the negative aspects of yourself overwhelmingly (even if you think you should). But, there’s, of course, plenty more. ✔️What activities do I enjoy doing? ✔️What activities do I suffer while doing? ✔️What opinions am I happy to share? ✔️What opinions do I keep for myself? Why do I do it? ✔️What are my strongest skills? ✔️What are my weakest fields? ✔️What skills should I improve? 1 week ago
Some of my many favs of this family shoot. They have a beautiful piece of land only 15 minutes away from me!! Kids have such boundless energy. James was a wild man and Addie was the tickler. Time flies though and before we knew it, almost 2 hours had gone by. A beautiful and kind family. Thank you for inviting into your home and documenting your family exploring your perfect land ❤️ 1 week ago
I love waterfalls. The way they can take your breath away, how much power is behind them all, and how calming they can be - all in one. Now that I live here full time, I'm becoming used to waterfalls being around every corner. But not every waterfall is the same. They all have stories to tell and things to share if you're willing to listen. . . So for anyone that doesn't have anything to do today or is bored, I want you to visit your nearest waterfall for me and just sit there for however long you need. Go by yourself, bring headphones if you need music and some lunch, don't forget your bathing suit, and just enjoy yourself today. Because whether you believe it or not, you deserve some self love. 1 week ago
I met up with the sweetest and most humble @jennicchandler Tuesday for some self portraits because we need them too ya know ;) it was quite busy but we do what we do and we made it work. . . Random fact: we both have the super power of curly hair. Within minutes of standing in front of waterfall, our hair grew! 😂 . . Taken by the amazing: @jennicchandler Edited: by me So many more pics to come from our mini adventure together. Literal rain check though Jenni ☺️ can't wait for round 2!! 1 week ago
I finally learned what the red trees are called - Chinese Maples and they're stunning! It's like having a piece of fall with you during summer 😍 2 weeks ago
Let's talk about anxiety. . . You know how nervous you get before an interview or a presentation? Imagine feeling like that all day, all the time. . . We are always thinking about the future. It’s instilled in us at a young age with the repetition of the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Many people who suffer from anxiety cannot think of anything but the future, making it almost impossible to live in the moment. Anxiety causes people to have panicky feelings, lack of concentration, and mood swings. Let's hear what some of the younger ladies I've taken pictures of, have said to me: . . "All of my friends would tell you that I’m funny, bubbly, even sociable. But it is exhausting to be that person when all I would rather do is curl up in a blanket and not go outside. When I go to class, my heart races so fast it could fly out of my chest before I even raise my hand to ask a question. I get nauseous just thinking about talking on the phone. My face turns red in about .03 seconds when talking to someone. I over analyze every situation I’m put in and feel the need to justify all of my actions for fear of being judged. I suffer from panic attacks frequently; my symptoms sometimes include: random bursts of anger directed at the people I love, crying so much I need to hyperventilate, and getting so nauseous that I can feel bile in the back of my throat." . . Many people see the words ‘anxiety disorder’ and think, “Well everyone has anxiety, it’s normal,” “You’re just stressed,” or “Just get over it already.” It’s easy to assume that someone with an anxiety disorder can simply just get over it, when that is not always the case. People with anxiety disorders know that the fear they have is irrational, but yet feel powerless against their anxiety. Anxiety can put a halt to daily routines and make it almost impossible to do everyday tasks. But there are ways that you could help your family and friends who suffer from anxiety. . . If you know someone who has an anxiety disorder, simply let them know that you are there for them to talk to. Let them know that they are not alone in their fight. 2 weeks ago
Open your heart 💓 2 weeks ago
Every photo shoot I do, I do my best to try something new. I have found going out of my comfort zone is huge. . . . Taken on the way to a sunset hike and popped on my wide angle lens which I've never used for portraits and voila! 3 weeks ago
Adventure doesn't have to involve hiking up a mountain, or traveling hours by car or by foot, it can be as simple as going to your favorite local place, or store, or private spot that you and your friends or SO go to. Adventure can be and mean different things to different people. Some go sky diving, while others have a picnic by a river or lake. Really the options are endless. Tell me... What does adventure mean to you? 3 weeks ago
I'll miss you Sarasota, it's been good. Until next time. 🌊✨✌️ 1 month ago
I love summer!!!!! Lalalala 1 month ago