Ready to see unbelievable waterfalls? Learn about plants, wildlife and the history of Asheville from fun and friendly guides. @AshevilleHiking Tours are a fantastic way to see the best scenery in the Western North Carolina area! Find a tour that fits your schedule: 2 days ago
Beefsteak Polypore mushrooms (Fistulina hepatica) are one of the few wild edible mushrooms that are often eaten raw! They grow commonly in the summer and fall months and can be found growing on logs, stumps, as well as at the bases of trees. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons 1 week ago
Happy Fourth of July from @ashevillehiking ! Photo Credit: @thegeorgianhiker 2 weeks ago
Even though Hooker Falls in DuPont State Forest is only a 12-foot waterfall, its wide drop into a pool creates the perfect spot for cooling off on a hot summer day. Bonus: dogs are allowed on leash! Photo Credit: @romanticasheville 3 weeks ago
“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ―John Muir #wnc #ashevillehiking #exploreoutdoors 3 weeks ago
Amazing shot of Looking Glass Falls by @wncaerialimagery ! Join Asheville Hiking Tours ( @ashevillehiking ) on one of our memorable hiking tours: #wnc #waterfallwednesday 4 weeks ago
Eastern Screech Owls are a robin-sized nightbird, common in the east. Despite the name, screech-owls do not screech, the voice of the Eastern Screech Owl are usually whinnies and soft trills. 1 month ago
Looking for an accessible waterfall? Located along the 8.8-mile unpaved Forest Service Road 74 in the Pisgah National Forest, Walker Falls is a 45-foot amazing waterfall! #waterfallwednesday Photo Credit: @romanticasheville 1 month ago
"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." -Ralph Waldo Emerson Gorgeous photo by Robert Stephens, @solitarytravelerphoto. 🍃 1 month ago
In North Carolina, black bears are usually black with a brown muzzle. Sometimes, a black bear will have a white patch on its chest, often called a "chest blaze." If you ever see a bear cub, move away. Mama bears are very protective! 1 month ago
Sunsets on the Blue Ridge Parkway are always stunning! Capture by Nick Iwema, @nickiwema. 🍃 #wnc #ashevillehiking #exploreoutdoors 1 month ago
Asheville Hiking Tours ( @ashevillehiking ) announces a "Travel Award" to these 4 ladies who came from Los Angeles, CA for our Synchronous Firefly Tour! (They had never seen a firefly before!) The fireflies are OUTRAGEOUS this year due to the past year of rain. This year's Firefly Tour tickets are sold out but to find out when next year's Blue Ghost Firefly and Synchronous Firefly tickets go on sale, sign up for our newsletter! (link in bio) 1 month ago
Weekends were meant for exploring ✨ Hiking outdoors has tons of perks: improve your heart health, lower your stress, strengthen your cardiovascular fitness, and so much more! Asheville Hiking Tours ( @ashevillehiking ) offers scenic tours that depart daily: 1 month ago
About 66 miles north of #Asheville , you'll find the stunning Linville Falls within the Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the most photographed waterfalls in Western North Carolina! The total height is about 150 feet, with hiking available to 4 overlooks of the falls. #waterfallwednesday Photo Credit: @romanticasheville 1 month ago
Randy and David led a beautiful hiking tour as part of the Chi Chi Life retreat at Bliss Farm & Retreat ( @blissfarmandretreat ) this past weekend... and as you can see, everyone had a blast! Want to explore with Asheville Hiking Tour? Scenic tours depart from Asheville daily! 1 month ago
How are you spending Memorial Day? Gorgeous shot by Melanie Miller, @rosieladyblue. #wnc #ashevillehiking #exploreoutdoors 1 month ago
Join us for a Fall Color Trip along the Appalachian Trail! What to Expect: -3 days and 2 nights of scenery and relaxation along the mountaintops -Meals and their preparation included -Tent and backpack rental included -Around 4 to 6 miles of moderate hiking, with backpack, each day -3 experienced naturalists guiding you along the trails -Engaging workshop on native plants and wildlife More information on our Guided Backpacking Trips: 1 month ago
Asheville Hiking Tours ( @ashevillehiking ) is locally-owned and operated, and gives back to local land conservancies. We recognize and value the need to conserve the southern Appalachians, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. We also treasure our local community of individuals and organizations and strive to strengthen that community whenever possible. To learn more about how we advocate for and protect our mountains and community: 1 month ago