that light always stops me... #hollandparksleepout #vokesandpeters 2 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
sunday serenity / image by @christopherfrederickjones #hollandparksleepout #vokesandpeters 2 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
is the enclosed verandah in fact the perfect room for Brisbane? New images by @christopherfrederickjones of the #hollandparksleepout on the website soon #vokesandpeters 2 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
one of my favourites from a recent shoot with @christopherfrederickjones / read about this house in the March issue of Monocle magazine #hollandparksleepout #vokesandpeters 3 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
the re-occupation of this 1930's Brisbane house is explored in a review by Nolan Giles in the latest 'all Oz' issue of Monocle Magazine / images by @christopherfrederickjones #hollandparksleepout #vokesandpeters 3 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
a room that changes its character with the changes in season and weather #latergram #hollandparksleepout #vokesandpeters 3 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
house with garden #hollandparksleepout 4 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
stunning light quality in the sleepout #vokesandpeters 4 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
bathing in sunlight at Holland Park Sleepout : (IG cropped) image by @toby_scott . #hollandparksleepout 4 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
OVP Bedside Library alongside @jardanfurniture Nook bed and @rachelcastleandthings linen genius at Holland Park Sleepouts: photo by @toby_scott #hollandparksleepout 4 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
interior sunlight over the wash basin: photo by @toby_scott of Holland Park Sleepouts @theeglishtapwarecompany @perrinandrowe #hollandparksleepout 4 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
the critical architectural method of 're-occupying the plan': new photos by @toby_scott of the Holland Park Sleepouts now on the Vokes and Peters website #hollandparksleepout 4 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
when walls are light fittings 4 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
Tile Towel #hollandparksleepout - thanks @everinghamandwatson 4 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
the proudest moment for a piece of furniture is where it's foot meets the floor #hollandparksleepout 4 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
Brisbane winters are unbeatable 5 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters
#hollandparksleepout 5 years ago by @stuart_vokesandpeters