"I think it's once again where we need to look at cancel culture...because I will say that I respect everyone has their own reception to whatever has happened ever. I don't get to decide how you receive my past, how you receive his past, how you think about people evolving past that, or if they're always that thing. But I do think we need to question cancel culture, pile-on, because if we're always just saying, 'Hey this person's over,' or 'Hey, look at this thing from this person's past that's who they are forever,' we're not allowing people to grow passed their past; allow someone to evolve, become what they find to be a better version of themselves. And when we crack down, we cancel them, we say 'You're done forever,' especially when it's a person saying 'I hate who I was.' And when you push people away into that corner, you make it more likely that they're just gonna double down on the bad. Granted, I understand it's not your job or responsibility to have to forgive someone. But, that said, that's my personal takeaway. And of course, I pass that question onto you." -Phillip DeFranco @phillydefranco 4 months ago by @maxkreutzer